Paisley Pajamas is for the Awakening Woman.

The woman longing to Love, Live and Lead with her heart wide open.

She is the

Fiercely Feminine,

  Tender Truthteller,

 Warrior for Wounded Souls.

She Listens Loudly


Speaks Softly

(or sometimes not so softly depending on what’s called for).

She walks through the world

Unafraid and Unapologetic

for she knows that her 

Soft Strength and Courageous Compassion 

are not her Weakness.

They are the World Changing Weapons of the Western Woman.


The Dalai Lama stated during the Vancouver Peace Summit in 2009 that “The world will be saved by the western woman”.

The western woman is you.  And the western woman is me. She’s your mother, your daughter, your doctor, teacher, friend, niece, grocery clerk, Uber driver and the lady at the bank. She’s all of us.

We gather monthly, seasonally and annually to feed our souls and fill our cups. From this place of passion, peace, power and purpose we step into our magic and deeply impact the world around us.

We also offer a variety of Yoga with Warriors3 Yoga.



Warriors3 Yoga is three teachers, three unique styles, offering you different options for the Yoga that suits your individual needs. 


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  Fall 2018 - September 23rd 1:00 pm

Every season we gather for circle to mark the ending of one season and the beginning of the next. We focus on setting up our life with Self-care practices guided by the seasons. We know the power of intention as we say good-bye to one phase of life and say hello to the new.  When we intentionally move from one season to the next we can expect a life that flows more gently.

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Twice a year we gather for mini-retreats. We focus on Year End Reflection, Celebration and Completion in January. In February we join to plant the seeds for the Year Beginning. We see Spring as the  Seasonal New Year and we prepare and plant our intentions for the year that is arriving.