The Story of Paisley Pajamas

Long ago, somewhere in the 1500’s in England, Earl Grey began importing spices from India and creating tantalizing teas.  What he couldn’t have imagined was that the tantalizing taste of the teas would bring out the tantalizing tease of the women of England.

As the women began tasting and delighting in the bold flavors and the grandness of the teas, the men began noticing there seemed to be a boldness emerging from the women with every single sip.

Maybe it was the exquisite flavor that awakened their senses or perhaps it was the caffeine.  Regardless, the men were beginning to get nervous as they began to notice a subtle change in their ladies.  Their boldness was entirely inappropriate for the times and the tempo which was Puritan England.

Shortly thereafter fabrics from India began to flow to the shores of England.  Beautiful, colorful fabric that was silky and soft to the touch.  One fabric in particular that the ladies adored was the playful, yet sensual pattern that would be known as Paisley.

As they summoned their Couturiers to fashion their dresses, coats and even their parasols, the men once again began to become concerned about the increased boldness of the English ladies. Walking around the streets of London dressed in colorful, silky, paisley patterned attire they appeared to have transformed into enchantresses, commanding attention without saying a single syllable.

Finally, the men had had enough. They made the collective decision that the ladies would be allowed to only drink tea indoors, only in the company of other women. They also decided that all paisley patterned fabric would only be used to construct pajamas. No more strutting around the streets of England bewitching the poor men with their alluring attire.

Thus was born the Lady Grey Salon.  Here, the women would gather, drinking their tea in their Paisley Pajamas, discussing the state of the world, the state of their lives and the subtle silencing of their souls.  There was a quickening in their hearts as they would join together in conversation. 

They imagined solving world problems, trading dreams, illuminating desires and they envisioned a day when women could be anything and everything their hearts desired. A day when women were loving, living and leading with the freedom to be Fiercely Feminine. The internal flame had been lit and was not to be extinguished. 

The Activist within had been activated………

Sleeping Beauty was waking up……….

The Goddess was rising…….

The Great Awakening had begun.

There’s a world waiting to be saved, it’s waiting for us, and the time is now.

Paisley Pajamas is for the Awakening Woman.

Just like the women of England.


“When the women of the world awaken,

Our world will know Love.

When our world knows Love,

Our world will know Peace”.


And so it begins.