New Moon Yoga


We gather on, or just before, the New Moon at Warriors3 Yoga Studio.

6:00 pm-7:30 pm

Cost - $15.00

What to expect:

Guided Meditations designed to prepare our hearts and minds to receive Divine Direction.

  • Journaling Prompts and Oracles as tools to receive Inspired Ideas for the next Moon Phase of our life.
  • Yoga to integrate and embody our insights and guide us to next steps, our Authentic Action.

Leave with a sense of calm clarity knowing your Goddess has been fed, and your Cup is full.

The New Moon is a birth, a beginning, a time when the moon is at it’s ripest point.  And so it is with us. We are ripe, juicy and deliciously ready to receive.  If we pay attention, we begin to see how we are gently guided by the seasons, cycles and natural rhythms of life.  The New Moon is an opportunity to begin again. If we choose not to take advantage of these natural cycles we find ourselves drifting through life without a sense of direction.

The New Moon is a bookmark in time that shows up every month asking “Hello, would you like to begin again?” I picture a moon with a cute yellow smile beaming down and waiting for me to look up and shout “Yes Please and Thank You”!!!

We are always trying to “get it right”, and sometimes we are amazing and sometimes we miss the mark and fall short. The New Moon is simply an opportunity, every month (actually 13 times a year, how lucky is that?!), to Begin Again.  And Again. And Again…..

The Masculine energy demands that we develop strategic initiatives, manage the next best project and plan the next steps down to every last detail.

But we need something different……….and we do things our way, in service to ourselves and everyone around us.

Because The Feminine - The Goddess, knows that when she sits in Stillness, she is open to receive Divine Direction, Inspired Ideas are ignited without overthinking brain-drain, and she is sparked to take Authentic Action.

She is Feeding her Goddess and Filling her Cup....